The South Middleton PTO is a volunteer organization comprised of parents, faculty, and administrators, that provides support for Rice Elementary and Iron Forge Elementary School in the South Middleton School district. The PTO consists of a variety of board and committee positions, that help to organize events and facilitate communication, as well as individual volunteers. Our goal is to support our teachers, enhance school programs, and build an organization that can help provide the kind of school community we want for our kids.

How can you help? There are many ways and we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers!

  • Do you have some extra time and a passion for helping our school community? Consider becoming an SMPTO Board Member. You can check out available board positions on our OPEN POSITIONS page. Members serve two year terms as part of the PTO. We post upcoming positions beginning in February. Interested individuals should email the SMPTO by March so that candidates can be presented to the board and public in April. Elections are held at the end of the school year at the May meeting. Don't miss out!

  • If the board doesn't interest you, but you are looking for a different way to participate and share some of your planning, technical, or social media skills, consider one of our committee positions. If the position is listed as 'open' on our OPEN POSITIONS page we are actively searching, so please contact us... we are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Another great way to participate is to volunteer! We have so many planned events during the school year, from Bubblethon to Book Fairs and beyond, but we can't make a single one of them happen without support from our school community! Check out the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES page for events we are currently looking to staff.

YOU are a CRTICIAL part of what we do here at the SMPTO, so thank you for taking the time to consider volunteering. If you are interested in applying for one or more of our opportunities, and have not already completed the necessary paperwork and obtained the necessary clearances, you can find a link on the bottom right of this page under 'Volunteer Manual'. Click on the link and you will be directed to the district's page which contains all of the information you need to become a volunteer for the school. This will also give you the ability to volunteer for non-PTO related opportunities, like those in your child's classroom. To all of our past, current, and future volunteers,

Thank You!




As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years.


Let's face this age, kids think you're a rock star when they see you volunteering at events!  And they aren't too cool to be seen with you. Make their day by showing up to help!




The district has an awesome page where you can get all the info you need on volunteering, including clearances. GO HERE!

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